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YOUR BASIC OBLIGATIONS – when using the Portal you declare not to:

  1. Undertake any actions, tricks and other unfair methods that manipulate Your results in the Game in the manner not allowed for in the Rules and Game Principles. The users who take advantage over others in the not allowed manner, are to have their accounts removed from the Portal.
  2. Have more than one Footballer (not applies to the slots);
  3. Act in a manner not complying with the Fair Play principles;
  4. Perform transfers between the clubs whose captains or a footballer being the subject of a transfer use the same Internet connection.
  5. Set the amounts of transfer, contract, and other agreements as too high or too low –in a manner that does not comply with the rules of the Game;
  6. As a captain or footballer with the assistant position (junior school manager, etc.), and even a footballer without any position, you declare not to exploit your team financially or use any tricks leading to the bankruptcy of the club or team. As an authority of a club/team, you must manage your team in a duly manner and protect it against bankruptcy and dissolution.
  7. Exploit the errors performed by the Portal for your purposes –any error found must be immediately reported to the Provider;
  8. Transfer, resell, trade, exchange, share or spare your Account;
  9. Use the Applications that put at risk the Game’s safety
  10. Use the names, surnames, nicknames of real players, coaches or other figures from the world of sport, names of football clubs, as well as any trademarks in a manner that may be claimed for the infringement of personal property, rights to a business, business name or trademark, or claimed for an uncompetitive competition;
  11. Infringe the personal property of other Users – you are not allowed to use a coarse language during the Competition, as well as abusing phrases, especially on the background of race, sexism, sexuality and minority);
  12. Use the identity of the Provider or pretend that you are a person in any relations with the Provider;
  13. State the opinions that are untrue, defamatory and detrimental to the good name of the Provider or other Users.
  14. Undertake any actions that put under excessive load the services of the Portal or interfere its proper operation;
  15. Copy, modify or disseminate the content created by other persons without their and our explicit written consent;
  16. Use any viruses, bots, worms or other computer codes, files or software (in particular those which automatize the processes of scripts, and applications or other codes, files or tools), automated software (speakers, scrappers) or any other automated tools in order to, for any purpose, gain access to the Portal’s website and collect the Data stored therein without our explicit written consent or interrupt, damage or limit the operation of the Portal or hardware, or in any way allow for an unauthorized use or access to a computer or a computer network;
  17. Use the personal data of other Users, as available in the Portal, for the purpose other than permitted in the Rules, in particular, you declare not to send them an unwanted business content (spam) or collect this data for any other purpose;
  18. Copy, disseminate, modify the content of the Portal without our explicit written consent, as well as disassemble, decompile, reproduce and undertake any other attempts in order to know the source code of the Portal. You are only allowed to use these portions of the Portal, which you added to the Portal by yourself (i.e. the Data you have published).
  19. Undertake any actions that may hinder or interfere the operation of the Portal and you further declare not to use the Services in a manner inconvenient to other Users;
  20. Undertake any actions that could infringe the privacy of other Users, which mainly consist in collection, processing and dissemination of information on other Users without their explicit consent, not including the situation when such actions are consistent with law and the Rules;
  21. Undertake any actions that could obstruct or interfere the operation of the Portal, as well as actions that consist, in particular, in destroying, modifying, removing, damaging, obstructing the access of other Users to their Accounts;
  22. Undertake any actions that are intended to deceptively obtain the passwords and identification data from other Users, for the widely-understood commercial purposes or purposes being in contrary to law;
  23. Undertake any actions that have an effect on the automatic use of the system (automatic submission of comments, their display, etc.) including but not limited to, use the scripts utilized within the Portal to add friends, send comments, display messages and publish updates.
  24. Use the Portal for the purpose of a research activity that involves, in particular, the conduction of research, analyses and public polls.
  25. Repeatedly send the same message or many different messages in a very short time (flooding).

In the FORUM, SHOUTBOX (PUB, magazine, match comments) and many other sections of the Service, you are not allowed to:

  1. Insult, abuse verbally or behave in any similar way that is possibly intended to damage any other person or a whole club;
  2. Insult any other person of his/her club through private messages;
  3. Provoke conflict situations through, for example, ridiculing any other person or a club;
  4. Use any vulgarisms, i.e. expletive words, both in Polish and any foreign language, incomplete expletive words that indicate what has been intended by the user, expletive words with asterisks, dots, reshaped expletive words that unambiguously indicate the intention. No explanation that the user intended other content in the incomplete or asterisk-marked expletive word than it has been understood, shall be not allowed for consideration.
  5. Publish the content and material of vulgar, pornographic, racial, fascist, unethical character, the content and material which is the subject of offence on the background of religion or which are considered offensive by the public.
  6. Write in a language other than the selected language version of the Service;
  7. Use avatars, club emblems, names and surnames of footballers, stadiums, teams, etc., the content of which is vulgar, considered inappropriate by the public, offensive, or ridiculing other Users;
  8. Spamming (except some of the topics in Hyde Park, Freestyle sections), and SB. A spam is also considered to be:
    1. Bumping up a topic with no due reason;
    2. Opening several topics with the same content;
    3. Opening a topic which content was already written in the earlier one;
    4. Titling a topic in a form that does not inform on its content;
    5. New topics should be posted in the appropriate sections of the Forum;
    6. Deliberate and repeated off-topic;
    7. Users are not allowed to write a post one under another, use the “Edit” option, unless we intend to bump up a topic in a special case;
    8. Overly enlargement of a window of the Forum caused by, for example, pasting too large images or stretching the form with a long word or a series of emoticons;
    9. Overuse of emoticons, for example, pasting a whole series of them;
    10. Pasting images in the topics not intended for this action;
    11. Breaking the rules of individual forums – for example, advertising the players on the forums or in the topics not intended for this action, offering training matches, etc.;
    12. Purposeless overuse of the entries like “ban”, “+”, “up”, “should be closed”, “disgrace”, “already posted” ,etc.;
    13. Overuse of big letters in the titles of the topics, as well as in SB, posts, tip.;
    14. In SB, Magazine section, users are not allowed to post the content: “looking for a club, available at LT, we are looking for a training match partner” ,etc. For this aim, there are appropriate topics on the Forum or PUB.
  9. Users are not allowed to comment the decisions made by the Provider in public, any unclear issues should be settled through private messages or contacting the Provider;
  10. Publish any posts with a commercial content (advertising, classified);
  11. Paste links to the sites detrimental to the computer operation (such as, containing viruses or causing the opening of multiple windows) or the sites being the referred content (reference links to the sites of other portals having a username of the person being the referral);
  12. Ban the Users on the football forums with no plausible reason.
  13. Send messages to the banned persons and placing the said messages on the forums or any SB.

For the detailed knowledge of Your obligations, please read the Rules carefully.

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