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First of all, happy birthday to! So, it’s been 2 years since the international server on Go2Goal opened its doors to non-Polish users. Where has the time gone? There have been many ups and downs, many players have come and gone and many clubs have formed and been dissolved in that time....
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My Name is Mi4h Rumzy, Here is a little bit about myself in a stanza: I like red I feel happy I wonder Why I am in this game I cry for victory This is my day view article for go2goal, I am a very standard storyteller. I would like to share my feelings, my character and overall my experience...
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This is a trophy that I have decided to introduce to G2G Country. I have seen this used in other online games as a kind of competition to see who can hold the trophy for the longest number of days. It will be called the G2G Country Trophy for lack of a better name (seriously, if anyone can come up...
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Player From club / To club Price Date
w Lau Aniu Wyrwani z Kontekstu
KS Proch Pionki
€337 349.40 -
w Diaz Rubio Black Mustang
KS Proch Pionki
€481 927.71 -
w feng zi FC Bukowe
Black Mustang
€156 626.51 -
w Diaz Rubio FC KUTASY
Black Mustang
€233 975.90 -
w Diaz Rubio FC Grunwald
Nabuzowane Szerszenie
€216 867.47 -
w ERIC CANTONA Wyrwani z Kontekstu
FC Bukowe
€144 578.31 -
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