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Hi guys, Javier here. Obviously not my real name, I am Irish.....
go2goal is just 5 days old really in England, and we have already had our first match, where Hardings RedGroves beat Footstar Belgium 3-1 in the Levi De Bleekere Arena. Is this the start of domination? Or are the two teams really just so bad right now it's irrelevant (which is true anyway)? Don't think I've forgotten Haribo United, who are steadily growing. But for today, I will look at the above teams, as neutrally as I can

Getting to know the teams.
Footstar Belgium

Address: Scotland
Colwyn Bay
Old Colwyn
Account balance: £15 596.95
League: (lack of)
Captain: Deree Rik
Capitain assistant: Vanhulle Rick
Date of establishment: 2012-06-05
Founder: Deree Rik
Stadium: Levi De Bleeckere Arena
Capacity: 3 000
Average age: 18
Players value: £34 695.84
Average salary: £328.64

Hardings RedGroves

Address: England
Kensington and Chelsea
Account balance: £3 802.05
League: (lack of)
Captain: the brilliant, the talented, clever and brilliant leader, MOMAH, MATTHEW (P.s. I hope I am starting Sunday
Capitain assistant: McGreevy James
Mahn Fyre
Date of establishment: 2012-06-04
Founder: Momah Matthew
Stadium: Harding's Nest
Capacity: 3 000
Average age: 18
Players value: £29 795.52
Average salary: £230.67

Basic Statistics.
Hardings RedGroves
Date of club founding: 2012-06-04
Average age: 18
Players value: £29 795.52
Average salary: £230.67
Average skill: 1.11

Footstar Belgium
Date of club founding: 2012-06-05
Average age: 18
Players value: £34 695.84
Average salary: £328.64
Average skill: 1.06

This is interesting right away. Footstar, with more players, have a higher total player value. This doesn't help them any though, as RedGroves are better player for player. Despite the better quality, RedGroves on average pay less wages. This will lead to better finances. But does this matter to players new to the game? Unlikely. This is probably why Footstar have more player.
Am I boring you yet? I'm getting to the interesting stuff.

The Match.
This is for those of you that did not see the match. Here are the main statistics :
FB 1 - 3 HDRG
49% Possession of the ball 51%
12 Shots 9
5 Foul 1
1 Yellow cards 0
0 Red cards 0
0 Offsides 1
6.23 Average rating 7.1
Goalscorers : HDRG : Momah, Matthew (3)
FB : Caers, Arnold (1)
Despite high possession and the win, RedGroves had less shots than their opponents. Take this as you will. Obviously, I didn't score. Cough. Moving on.....
It seems though that RedGroves deserved their victory as their players were better overall. Footstar have work to do if they want to avoid defeat in the many friendlies scheduled ahead.

Right now, we are still deep in development here on English go2goal. Yet we are already forming friendships and rivalries, deals are being done, players are being fought over. But as to the best team currently on go2goal England? I am afraid, it must go to :


Most popular players as of 08/06/2012 20.38 :
1. White Norman
2. Franky Nesten
3. ONeill Luke
4. Deree Rik
5. stephane izgi
6. Mahn Fyre
7. Alateo Javier {Yours truly }
8. Vanhulle Rick
9. Momah Matthew
10. Van De Putte Joske

That's all for now. I hope my first article was good enough to not be my last.... Please give me feedback and you're opinions, after all football is an opinionated game B) For now, thank you for reading, and I leave you with a little Irish Gaelic saying for today :

Níl áin thintean mar do thintean féin
= There's no place like home B)
J. Alateo
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