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Im back- sorry I was late(I said Monday latest)- here to interview Deano from Hardings.....

Keys: Ky(me), Dc(Deano)

Ky: Welcome Dean, now, lets kick off with the first question: So how do you expect to do next season?

Dc: I'm actually not too sure. We have a strong squad but if GKO and Woking do well then it'll be very interesting. I'll guess second place as GKO do have better trained players but we've beaten them to the title once and we can do it again. We'll just have to wait and find out

Ky: Tell me about the rilvary between you and Woking ...

Dc: There isn't a lot to say but we've always been desperate to beat each other. I think the reason we're main rivals is because we are almost equal to each other in terms of skills and facilities. Of course we like to beat GKO but its not the same as they're quite different to us. I think our rivalry with Woking is a great,part of the game and I don't want it to end.

Ky: Is there any transfer talk around Hardings?

Dc:Well there is always speculation about transfers but unfortunately it is hard to sign top players because there are so few teams and we are all very young.

I have sent James to look for possible targets and we have found a few but it is very hard to actually get the players and clubs to agree.

We are looking out for top players as we aim to challenge GKO and Woking to win back our crown. If we do sign any players then it won't take long to be spread around

Ky: So, have you decided what you will do with

Dc: Of course, when do I ever not have a plan already in mind? (Don't answer that )
Anyway our plan is to give them lots of time in friendlies to rest our main starting 11 as well as giving them good training and facilities to become stars of the future

Ky: Do you ever plan on them going out on loan for xp or do a Woking- make an academy?

Dc: Well if anything its a Partizan as they came up with the idea first. That's what Javi tells me anyway. Woking copied us with the academy so its definitely not a "Woking"
I will loan a few players out but to be honest they'll likely do better here with matches twice a week and good training. I tend to only loan players to clubs who desperately need them

COMMERCIAL: Im am here with a message to say "I bet there will be a dicussion about above: COMMERCIAL over.

Ky: Who do you plan to loan out and who to. And why? etc.

Dc: I don't really want to loan anyone out. I only loan players if a club really needs them.

Ky:Who are 3 18 y/o people you see being a top guys in the game

Dc: Kofi(Snr), Guler and Cris

Ky: How do you think your player has done?

Dc: Every season my player seems to get about triple for every statistic. I think my players been pretty good this season but there is a lot of room for improvement. If I can start helping with attacks and make more tackles and interceptions then Deano may be amazing.

Ky: In my eyes he already is. So moving back to Hardings.... How have they done last season

Dc: However we fought back. Harding's spirit lasts forever and nothing can destroy it We haven't lost a match since December 2012 and if we avoid losing key players then we should have a better shot at the title
For what we've gone through, very well. The losses of Joel, Kyriakos, Peter and Javi hurt us extremely badly. At one stage we had a pretty much dead club forum and it didn't look good at all.
Losing Franky as captain also hurt us as he was a great captain and was always happy and helpful.

Ky: Last season, both games between you and Working ended in a draw.... What do you expect this time around?

Dc: I have no idea. We are both around the same level so its likely it'll finish in a draw but I hope we win

Ky: Where do you think you will finish this season?

Dc: If we have a good start and don't lose any key players then we can finish first.
I think we will finish either second or first

Ky: Before I leave is there any thing you would like to say?

Dc:Thanks for the interview I've really enjoyed it
Bring on Season 4

That was it. Comment and rate. Also tell me if you want anything said or mentioned. That should be it from my Hardings series for now(Or is it). Thank you for reading. Lets hope my match reviews are good.

Till next time,

Kofi Yemoh(Snr)

Kofi Yemoh(Jr)

Kofi Yemoh II who is looking for a club
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