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Hello, Im back as I said before I will start doing this at the start of the season... So I wanted to do another... I know the name isnt the best star but Ill think of one later.

Now For the few words before the match here is Warrior Wolves:

Ky: How do you expect to play?

Ww: I Expect Us To Play Good In This Match, We Are Playing A Very Easy El Alkazar side, and I am Hoping for a good result to get our fans something to cheer about.
Many Youngsters are Playing this Game, and I Hope They Perform well

Ky: What Is Your Lineup?:

Ww: GK: Bo Bos:
LCB: Daz Power
CB: Mascot Michael
RCB: Cornel Lacatis
LDM: Arriagada Francisco
RDM: Smith Jack
LAM: Fleming John
CAM: hussin omar
RAM: Rowland Ryan
LS: mincu george
RS: Warrior Wolves

1) Archer Jordan on for Bo Bos.
2) Messi Lionel Andres on for Warrior Wolves.
3) Callaghan Matthew on for Cornel Lacatis.
4) Leonidas Agyro on for Daz Power
5) Bonhomme Nano on for Smith Jack
6) Alvarez Juncal Gabriel on for hussin omar
7) Mi4h Rumzy on for Rowland Ryan

Ky: Prediction?

Ww: My Prediction is 3-0.

But no it was 3-0 it was.... 7

0 : 1 7 Min w mincu george
0 : 2 17 Min w mincu george
0 : 3 21 Min w hussin omar
0 : 4 32 Min w mincu george
0 : 5 45 Min w mincu george
0 : 6 67 Min w Messi Lionel Andrés
0 : 7 70 Min w Messi Lionel Andrés

Interview after the match:

Ky: That Mincu is a hand full. insnt he?

Ww: Of Course, He is!
We Only Got Him On Wednesday and performed terrific in his very first Game. I Expect Him to Do More Of These In The Future, He is a Star Signing

Ky: Who else do you think played well?

Ww: A lot of Players. hussin Omar played very well especially with his dribbles and he also scored a goal.
Our Youngsters Like Daz Power And Smith Jack Played excellent Today, Defensively Mascot Michael is always the best (My Best Slot), He performed Great Today as well, did some nice tackles and got a rating of 10.
Goalscorers Such as Messi Lionel Andres and mincu george did most of the damage in attack.
Also, Bo Bos Need A Mention for saving vital shots, he even saved a Penalty!

Ky: So Ive heard... Cant wait to watch it on MOTD.... Before you leave 1 more question; How do you think you will do this season

Ww: I am Getting Better Everyday and next Season Is A Challenge, I am Very Tall And I am so far one of the best strikers in The Academy.As I am A Striker,I want To Score More goals Next season and attempt more dribbles.
I also Want To Get Good Ratings In A Match

Now it is Deano's turn....

Ky: How do you expect to do today?

Dc: As its a friendly, I'm not that bothered about how we do. I'd like a win and with our squad we've chosen, it should be possible but like Maxim said before, I don't really care if we win 1-0 or 10-0. Even if we draw I won't be too downhearted as its not a full strength squad but I'd like a win if possible.

Ky: What is your line up?

Dc: GK Randy
RB Fan
CD Killer
CD Dean
LB Kofi Jr
CM Nav <----> Jamo Atkins
CM Kofi II
CM James
CF O'Niell
CF Kofi Snr
CF Flav

Ky: Prediction

Dc: 1-0

It finished 0-2 to Hardings

0 : 1 12 Min w Flaviu Legend
0 : 2 39 Min w ONeill Luke

After match interview:

Ky: Are you happy with the 2-0

Dc: Like I said before the match, I'll be happy with any win. To have 10 men and still win 2-0 is a pretty good result but it is a friendly and friendlies don't mean anything.

Ky: How do you respond to Navari's red card- I heard Atkins was going to come on for him but couldnt

Dc: Its a shame that Atkins couldn't play but its life and he'll play in lots more games in the future so its not really much of a loss. I can't comment about Navari's red card because I'm not allowed to use those words in public

Ky: Before you go is there anything you would like to say?

Dc: Yes, Navari you're dead meat


Well that is all for today. Comment, rate, subscribe, message me etc.

Till next time
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