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Welcome all;

just 2 day away from the opening of the season; we generate a quick report about situation of the clubs.

FC Barca Bucaresti

Their Finance is in good condition. But their team is in danger. they have 18 players and 9 of them are trialists. if the situation does not change in the near future, they will be walked-over in the 2nd day of the league. Best player is a midfielder: Moore Cameron


Indipendiente has a better team in the league with player contracts. only 3 of the 19 players are trialist. they are lacking in defense but they have excessive power on Attacker position. Best player is a midfielder: Martin Andy

Manchester United FootballClub

8 of 20 players are trialist. If they have not made a one more long-term contract; they have in danger also for the rest of the league. Best player is An Attacker : Wayne Rooney - potential top goalscorer of the league.

FC Brateni

3 of 21 plaers are trialist. one of the favorite teams for promotion. They are in good financial situation. Best player is an Attacker : Ronaldo Cristi n0

El Alkazar

One of the new established teams. they are in negatives for now. But they have a bit experienced players. This team have the potential for promotion also. 8 of 23 players are trialist. Best player is the team captain : AleJoSk AleJo000001

Next part will be coming soon..
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Date: 2013-09-05
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