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Let's continue from where we left. today in the spotlight there is last 5 team of the Second Division.

Oftica RO

Romanian outfit is one of the team who will join the Pormotion race. only 2 of 20 players are trialist. they have a good chance but some of the contracts are going to be finish at the end of first half. Can they solve this contract issue ? we will see. Their ground is EDEN with 3750 capacity. Best player is the Team assistant : Ćorluka Dejan.

FC Ducks

Team is built around Argentinian Captain Richard Becho. only 2 players are trialist in the 22-Player squad. Best player is experienced attacker Alibec Denis. If they don't face with injury problems, they will fight for the promotion also. They are playing at Quack Stadium which has 3050 capacity.


The only team from PRC in Second Division, They have a hard working players. Experienced Attacker Costa Marcus is the biggest weapon of the team. They have no trialist in the squad. but like Oftica RO they have some contract issue. They are playing at Anfield with 3000 capacity

Gilead FK

Gilead FK (Gilead FC) is the one and only team established in Turkiye. Their name came from the novel series Dark Tower, Land of the Gunslingers. They play their home matches at Can'-Ka No Rey (AKA "Red Field of None" or "Field of Roses" with 3400 capacity. They are going to make a big fight to stay open through season. Biggest favorites for the bottom. Also they fight against the negative balance. Best player in the team is the founder of the club: Emre Yavuz

Lansdowne Rangers

Our last club in the second division. 2 of 16 players are trialist. Midfielder King Jackson is the best player of the club. Mid table finish will be on sight for the club but they have a good potential also.Their home is Aviva Stadium (3000 Capacity)

This is all i can give for the first week reports. Meet you in the further reports.
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