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Many of you have asked when the Agyro interview will come out.... Read on.

Here I am to do with Agyro to do this interview:

Ky: How would you describe working(Deliberate spelling mistake)

La: Working ? haha that's funny, for about the first month after I joined I thought the club was called Working too!
We have a good group of diverse people at Woking and generally it's a fun positive environment in the club forum. I've no regrets with my decision to join Wolves. But this isn't the stuff you want to know, right? I'm ready for your real questions now

Ky: How do you feel your player has done this season?

La: A lot of fine tuning with behaviour settings has been fun and I'm fairly happy with how Lorenzo is looking now. This new season coming hopefully he'll play more minutes but I'll do whatever is best for the team, even if that means he sits on the bench. Really though any good individual performances he gets is all going to be thanks to those players he has around him

Ky: How have your goals changed from last season to the upcoming one?

La: My first short term goal was just to read everything that had been written on the game, help, terms & conditions, both club and public forums. That coupled with a bit of guidance from some kind experienced players Fyre Mahn and Jeremy Smith had me fully equipped to manage Lorenzo.

Once I had got to grips with looking after my player I was able to switch focus to help work on other little projects with Woking. My first article: Lies, Cries, Records and the Pub?, the huge club collaboration name / uniform / badge change and probably my favourite article I wrote about it:
Your permit our off-season. .

Another was, adopting a child in the form of the Wolves Academy . Children can be so difficult but very rewarding at the same time I've stepped down as captain now but I'd been collaborating with Warrior Wolves for some time about how we were and how we still are going to do things.

Working together with a graphic artist we were able to create Personalized Wolves Avatars for both clubs. I lost contact with him before we could finish them though, but, fortunately I brought a new PC and it came with photoshop and hours of youtube tutorials later I was able to complete it I've even had a few Polish players make some nice comments about the way they look since

Further helping with the development of the game is something I'd like to continue to work on. Really though I was not able to do too much on that last season (sorry guys) and that's one thing I'd like to change this coming season.

This coming season I'd like to create a new project and I think everyone will like it but I'm going to need as many clubs possible to help! The project will run over the entire season and involves a message being sent to me after each league match. If you are interested please leave a comment below, there will be rewards More details will be revealed in a future article.

Ky: How do you feel you will do next season ?

La: Hopefully good! I think even if I were to play poorly, because I have such good team mates they'll make me look good anyway Of course I'll give my best for the team like anyone else would.

Ky: Are there any games Lorenzo would definitely like to play

La: Fifa 14, yeah that looks good, can't wait to see Ozil pulling the strings in the midfield for Arsenal.... Jokes, I know what you mean, really I'm just happy to play in any game possible. It's awesome being able to test out your ability against all the unique different teams in go2goal

Ky: What teams do you think will test your player

La: All of them because each team will put you in a different scenario. Each opportunity gives you a chance to see how your behaviour settings play out. After all no two teams are the same, so, what works for one game might not necessarily work well for the next.

Ky: As you could probably tell by the name this is only part 1.

Part 2 will be coming soon at a later date......

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Till next time
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