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Hi to all GTV spectators. we are back again with the highlights of the games from 1st Day

FC Barca Bucuresti 0 - 1 Oftica RO

This game is the one of two games which has finished one sided. Oftica RO seems to play better and create more chances. But the scoreboard did not indicate the chances. They find a hard way to find the goal as they made 18 shoots; only 5 of them hit the target and at the injury times, they find the net after an error made by Flórez Bosque José Ignacio. quiroga martin scored all important goal for this thight match.

Also two player was injured for the FC Barca Bucuresti side.Only yellow card shown to the away defender Neindemanatic Finalistul

Independiente 1 - 1 FC Ducks

A really interesting match of the day. 2 goals came form one team. But both sides shared the points. both team need to blame their performances. Also one of the reason to this poor performances, both team challenged with each other rather than playing the match.

3 injuries received for Independiente. And also defender Rueda Fernando received the yellow card.

Manchester United FootballClub 0 - 0 利物浦

At the Old Trafford Stadium; 3399 spectator blamed their teams for snatching their chances. total of 22 shots made and 9 shots saved. game finished as it was started.

2 Yellow card shown to the 利物浦 team.

FC Brateni 5 - 0 Gilead FK

At Brateni Arena; 4695 spectators are over the clouds for five star win at home. Gilead FK was resistless to the Brateni's offensive power. 31 shots made by Brateni side while Gilead only reach for 2. Gilead Captain Emre Yavuz said that "Expected but humiliating defeat that we take. I made the best and saved 7 shots but it is really hard to see the ball when Cristiano shoots "

Cristiano made most impressive performance with 5 Goals.

El Alkazar 0 - 0 Lansdowne Rangers

With the great attendance of 8265 spectators, match finished as it was started. teams shared the points. Alkazar also lost Tovar Johan to injury.

After the first day; it seems that Gilead is the weakest ring of the league. they are in need of big miracle to save theirselves from bottom of the league. Also it was seen that Brateni has a great chance of promotion as a champion.

This is all we can talk today. see you later this week by review of the 2nd Day
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