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Welcome back GTV supporters.

Today we are going to discuss about higlights of the mathes at Day 2.

Gilead FK 0 - 1 FC Barca Bucuresti

We start by the game of two losers from first week. Both teams has equal chances. Barca Bucuresti has some injury problems while Gilead have issues about settling their squad.

In common Gilead FK takes control of the match. Especially at the first half their way of play is really effective. Barca didn't find any opportunity to test the opposite goalkeeper. Gilead FK tries to create an overwhelming pressure on their opponent but didn't open the lock. They waste their chances with poor efforts.

In second half, match goes the same way. Gilead players waste lots of chances.especially form close range, Gilead Attackers hits the crossbar or missed empty goal. Their manager lose his temper and blame his luck after a counter-attack goal scored by Barca at 69th minute. Later on Gilead attacks were not good enough to make a score.

Barca leaves the field with 3 Points while the home side gets nothing form their first two matches.

利物浦 1 - 2 Lansdowne Rangers

Away side will be happier after today's comeback from one behind. 利物浦 side gets in front by the goal of Costa Marcus at 13th minute. A good cross sent to penalty area from right-side by Yu Enots and an unstoppable hit finds the net. First half ends with this goal and the pressure of the 利物浦 side.

Lansdowne Rangers starts the second half with 4 players change. and this change give them a momentum. From the start of the second half, they increase the pressure upon 利物浦. This pressure gives it's success by the own goal made from out of the penalty area. Chen Jeck intercepts the cross with his header. but his interception make him an own-goal scorer after his header goes to the net while his goalkeeper is away from the keep.

After this goal Lansdowne takes the control of the game. at the 60th minute Chen Jeck again used a mistaken throw-in and Aubameyang shows great composure to chase the ball and score with well strike from diagonal angle.

there is nothing important happened after this moment and game finished with the win of the away side.

FC Duck 1 - 2 Manchester United FootballClub

At the Quack stadium aprox. 2750 supporters were an eyewitness of their teams home defaet against Manchester.

Ducks start the game well and find their goal from corner kick organization. Arriola Roberto had met with ball at the far side of the penalty area and placed a well shot from diagonal angle. Goalkeeper is resistless to stop the shot and home side goes in front.

But in second half like the other games today away side increase its pressure on match control and comeback from behind and win the game. Both goals came from Wayne Rooney. At the 52nd minute long ball crossed from midfield line. Wayne gets free from his marker and with first-touch shot; he scored an incredible goal to give their team a life. Game goes on until the 86th minute while everyone thinks that the game finish with this score.

But Wayne rooney shows himself again and score the winning goal in the same manner of the first goal. Keeper was hunted while he was away from his keep.

Oftica RO 3 - 2 Independiente

At the EDEN stadium, supporters are sated goals as the home side get the win with 3-2 in chase-hunt match.

Independiente gets infront with the 4th minute strike by Gamborra Guido. while time was passing through 21st minute, home side scored the equalizer by Dean Corluka. But Independiente don't want to lose their lead and scored another goal by Gamborra Guido at the 36th minute. First half end with 1-2 score.

Second half Oftica side seems like more effective and at the 56th minute they again catch the Independiente with Rommel Greg's strike. Both sides tried to find the wining goal but Oftica RO goes in front at the 82nd Minute of the game by Sibanda Mthe.

Game finished with this score and Oftica gets their second win. while they lose Corluka to the injury.

FC Brateni 2 - 1 El Alkazar

League leader after first day, gets another win with ease. Brateni finish the game for themselves at first half. Rodrigues Diogos scored two goals at the beginning and at the end of first half. Second half they drop down the pace a little. Even if they see the ball in their net, they did enough to secure their lead in econd half and get their 2nd win.

This is all we can share today. Be kind to yourself to be regarded by the world. See you next week.
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