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After we serve our broadcasting ban taken from RTDC(Radio and TV Disciplinary Committee); we are back again with 4th Day Highlights.

This week we get some important news. Gilead FK is the lucky team where they get their first win of the league by walkover.

Also there was no draw matches and total of 9 goals scored. Interesting point is the 5 of 9 goals scored by one team. Independiente made impressive display and deliver 5 goals to the Barca Bucuresti goal.And El Alkazar will be looking for their first win at next match. lets continue with the highlights.

FC Brateni 1 - 0 利物浦

FC Brateni side gets a really important win today with 1 goal. As they played in the form of 3-3-3-1, they are lacking in positions. So manager chose to outfield one of the GK as a Defender role. Match goes really even and both sides gets scoring chances. (9 to 8 shot attempts made) only goal is scored at 41th Minute by Rodrigues Diogo while in same minute one of the 利物浦 players injured.

FC Ducks 2 - 0 El Alkazar

At the match of two winless teams match 2729 supporter watch their team to get first win of the season with 2-0.
An even ball possession made; Ducks shown great composure and get two goals at 7th and 59th minutes by Denis Alibec and Arriola Roberto. Despite of win; home side lose two players to the injury. by this score El Alkazar supporters starting to protest their board as they not preveil from first 4 matches.

Oftica RO 0 - 1 Chicago Bulls

Home side supporters will blame their forwards and lucks as they waste 17 shots while Chicago side made 7 shots to get the single goal win. The accurate forward Aubameyang cut off Oftico RO's ticket with a nice strike. Also both teams lose 1 player to the injury.

Gilead FK 3 - 0 Manchester United FootballClub (Walkover)

Gilead FK get their first win by walkover as the Federation serve the rules. Gilead Supporters are happy by this because they knew that if the match played; result would be way different.

FC Barca Brateni 0 - 5 Independiente

2588 Supporter watched Barca side to be brushed aside by independiente with 5 goals. Incredible perofrmance by away side. Gamborra Guido scored 4 goals in this match and this goals made him the leader in goalscoring charts.
other goal came from Scattolini Jordan Pedro. Beside of the score, Barca side also lose Tristan to injury.

This is all we can share today. Thanks to all audience as you are watching us. H.A.N.D.

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