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Hello its me again Kofi

Here with a few interviews from some of the the Harding players

First I want to start off with Dean "The Captain" Campbell

Ky: Hello Dean how are you?

Dc: Good and you

Ky: Gd Thx Could you tell me about your plans for Hardings? And the players?

Dc: Somebody's nosy Anyway our plan is to become the best team in G2G country like any team. We are hoping to keep all of our players active and help them progress into great stars. We've won the league once but once is not enough, to be honest we could win the league 100 times and it still wouldn't be enough.
> > > >
> > > > With our players, the only thing I want is for them to stay active and train well. I am watching our players all the time and helping them if need be. We as a team are overcoming the downhill time we had last season when we lost almost half of our first 11.

I am very happy to be working with everyone at Hardings. We have a great atmosphere. If I followed most people, you'd expect me to say I wouldn't swap any players for anyone else. If I said that I'd be lying. I wouldn't swap any players, I'd just bring in more talent. There are great players in other teams and I'd love to have them here but I am very happy with Hardings at the moment.

We finally have got Luke back to his scoring ways and we are working on getting Dani back to his standard last season. If so we'll have the best striker pairing in the league. This sounds bias and well it is but you can't help not to agree

Ky: Who have you got upcoming?

Dc: We have a number of talented youngsters. We have young Brian Smith in goal who is a slot of James. In defence we have Martin, Petar and Kofi Jr. Potentially AleJo. We have ATUESTA and Tristan in midfield, both of which we took from the dying Barca team and they are great additions to our squad We then have Kofi and Guler up front who are a great duo who will do great in the future, I can guarantee that

Ky: The big game against Woking...? What are your
thoughts on tah and will any youngsters play?

Dc: he match against Woking is a title decider. Now that GKO have had most of their best players banned or left the game, they are now a lot weaker. They've only got a few highly skilled players left and I see them fighting with Partizan for 3rd not the title.
Woking are a strong team and have still kept going well after their loss of Maxim. Unfortunately for Woking, they're not scoring as much as they were before but they're still winning games and that's all that matters.

If we win on Sunday then we'll have a one point advantage and are in a very strong position to win the league but if Woking win then the title is going to be Woking's as they'll have a 5 point gap to us.
If I'm honest, I'm expecting a draw which will mean that we'll need to win every game and hope Woking draw one at least.

For this match, I can't afford to play any youngsters. As much as I'd like too, we need our best 11 if we're going to win the game. The problem is we're away too but we've sorted out the formation problem we had last time out which lost us the game.

We're back bigger and stronger than before and we're definitely ready to kick some ass

Ky: Thx for your time

Now moving onto James "Walcott" McGreevey

Ky: Hello James how are you?

Jm: I'm great, thanks for interviewing me. How are you?

Ky: Fine thx, How do you feel in Hardings?

Jm: I feel content. We've not the greatest season so far but we have an active team and hopefully we can perform to our potential in the next few games.

Ky: Your player McGreevy, What is is his role in the team?

Jm: Well, along with you, I'm Dean's assistant. As for on the field, I like to think that I am the Theo Walcott of the team; sprinting down the pitch and getting a good cross in.

Ky: Thx James

Here we are with Tom " I am related to Javi" Navari

Ky: Hello Nav how are you?

Tn: I'm good mate busy as always

Ky: Hows Nav?

Tn: I'd have to say I'm very good! I'm taking a few too many long shots in matches, but I'm working on that

Ky: Whats Harding like? Who do you bond well with?

Tn: I love it here. Javi joined here on the second day of this country, and I've been here a few seasons too. It is and always will be home for me
Well, I know James and Fyre the best of all the people here, both of them having joined Hardings before me. Obviously I know Luke very well, as Javi had been his striking partner for several seasons and Javi introduced me to him I know Dean well, he'd be a Hardings veteran at this stage and he's been a very good captain following Franky (RIP Franky) and Javi.

Ky: How will it be when you play your cousin Javi next week?

Tn: It's going to be tough. He's one of the highest rated players in the game, and he's in deadly form. Whoever loses will be on the receiving end of a lot of insults, anyway

Ky: Ha thx Nav and goodluck

Tn: Not a bother

Now Gwuidow" I have no nickname for this one" Thompson

Ky: Hello Gwuidow how are you?

Gt: I'm doing fine Kofi! How about yourself?

Ky: Fine thank you Gwi Could you tell me about your character?

Gt: I named my character after the character my FootStar player had.I used the same name for a character in FootballIdentity. After Franky asked me to join the game, I was thinking about forming Gwuidow the same way, as a side midfielder with great physicals, but no technical skills. Eventually I took a 180° turn and started training Technique, Stamina/Speed and Dribbling to try and make Gwuidow the beast he is today

Ky: How is Hardings/ How do you feel there

Gt: Hardings is great, we have a good squad and always contend for the top spots in the league. Unfortunately, due to little time, I can't take on more tasks to help the team. But as long as I keep training and make sure morale/condition are set for the games, that will be my contribution to the team's success.

Now Rubio "Im new" Diaz

Ky: Hello Rubio how are you?

Rd: Hello ...
well, I am well ....
How do you feel at Hardings?
thanks to the acclimatization to the team is good ... from the first day, ¨i felt as if it were my house¨ little by little i am settling on the team and I hope we will be able to continue with this progression and thus help the team to achieve the coveted title of league ...

Ky: Was it hard adapting to a new team?

Rd: i do not say that it was difficult ... with this .... took in 3 clubs ... my first change to the Partizan was ... i was not so comfortable, as it was forming and this, is already fully structured and that helps a lot ...

PLease read, comment and even message me what you think. If you want an interview ask me will get back to you ASAP

Thank you

'Till next time

Kofi Yemoh Snr.(Attacker)

Kofi Yemoh II(Midfielder)

Yemoh Kofi(Attacker)

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