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Hello everybody, this is George Mincu. Welcome to George Brothers Studio as we'll begin our daily show which will probably be weekly, monthly or never again . We're gonna talk today with some important players in G2G country about Wolves Academy and their downfall from being linked with Woking Wolves FC, and many more other things. First of all, let's welcome our first guest Javier Alateo.

George Mincu : Hello Javi , how are you and how are things at your club?

Javier Alateo : Which club? All of my players are getting along nicely. Each are performing as I'd hope and training the skills I want them to train. Javi's gonna be here for quite some time yet As for the clubs, I think all 4 have got to be happy with where they are.

G.M : I invited you here as the captain's assistant of Woking Wolves FC and I am going to get straight to our subject, why isn't Ajhar's team considered as an academy of your club?

J.A : I'm not one to spread gossip. And there's no real gossip to be honest - it was simple differing of opinions that meant the main team and Academy couldn't be linked any longer. I compare it to a story recently where the famous Irish rugby player, Brian O'Driscoll, fell out with the man who was going to write his autobiography. Just creative differences.

G.M : And how do you comment on their new name? If you want to comment that of course

J.A : It's different

G.M : You also have a slot player at their team, what are your plans about him?

J.A : Matt is developing well. There aren't too many players like him, wing backs are few and far between since a lot of teams favour a 3 man defence, but I think he's proven capable of filling one of those centre back roles too

G.M : Now that we have you here, I would like to ask you an off-topic question. We are getting close to the big match between Woking and Hardings, what do you think it will happen?

J.A : Hardings have always somehow managed to hang on in there despite losing big, big players and their revival looks to be gathering momentum. The 3-1 win over GKO is a serious, serious result. I look forward to seeing Tom on the field against Ryan and myself, and may the best team win

G.M : Thank you very much Javi , we're going to take a short break and we'll be back with our next guest . I leave you now with my brother, The Quote Master, George Junior Mincu.

G.J.M : Where are the free drinks?

G.M : Are you crazy? We're live, say your quote...

G.J.M : Okay , okay...If you're dead you dont know you're dead, it's hard only for the people around you, but, same thing goes if you're stupid too .

G.M : Hmm...what was that? I'm not sure that was even a quote, get out of here. And that's the reason why you should never hire relatives folks. Let's get back to our live show and give a round of applause for the phenomenal captain of Hardings Redgroves, Dean Campbell ( I would've added more qualities but what the hell he didn't pay me that well ).

G.M : Hello Dean, welcome, glad to have you here. How are you and how are things going at Hardings?

D.C : I'm good thanks Mincu. I'm glad to be here as well Hardings is pretty good at the moment, we have changed a few things lately as we attempt to reclaim our league title which we lent to Woking and GKO for the last two seasons. As we've not been playing to our strengths at the moment, we've adjusted a few things which I'd prefer not to release to the public. Hopefully these changes will help us. I've already seen an improvement in our recent friendly against Woking as we finally had more shots than them and we're looking a better team so if we can build on that then Woking should be very worried.

G.M : I would like your opinion about Wolves Academy and their downfall, the academy that had lot of great players and now is only a shadow. How do you feel about that?

D.C : Well I'm actually quite happy about it considering our academy failed so seeing your rivals Woking succeeding with theirs is not something to be proud of. To lose a lot of their best players has not helped the ex-academy either so now they're in potential danger of closure if they fail to keep their current players active. I honestly don't think that they'll be able to do as well as last season. They had the potential to compete with GKO but now that seems to not be the case and they're now fighting for 6th place. I don't see that changing unless they can persuade a few top players to come and help them out.

G.M : They recently changed their name, would you like to comment on that?

D.C : Their new name, hmm. I don't really know how to put what I want to say politely so I'll just say that it doesn't appeal to me at all. I won't say any more than that...

G.M : Now that we have touched the academy subject , do Hardings have plans for another Academy in the future? As we all know that Softings Bluegroves failed.

D.C : I don't think we'll try the academy thing again. We don't need to do it and it was quite a lot of effort to find someone willing to do it in the first place and then setting up everything exactly how we wanted it. An academy is a great idea on paper but is not as easy as I'd hoped. I think we'll just wait for junior teams as that's so much easier to do.

G.M : One last question Dean what can you say about Ajhar? Can he succeed in his new project or it will be a total failure?

D.C : I think Ajhar will do fine if he is able to keep the team active and get some more players in. He obviously doesn't have the same luxury of being linked with the Woking team any more so keeping players active will be the key. If he does that then he should do just fine. I don't see them ever challenging for the title though but I doubt they'd get relegated if we get division 2 again so I think they'll be a mid-table team for the foreseeable future.

G.M : Thanks Dean. Hoped we cleared some things out people, we're not gonna leave you right now because we've got some news for you, there are rumours that Chicago Bulls will be organizing a friendly cup between 8 G2G country teams, also this will be held in Chicago and their cheerleaders are...well let's just say Javi knows them and he approves this message . So get ready folks.

That was our first show, we wish you all a good day and we're gonna end with a quote from myself

If you fall down...don't get up, 'cause you might fall again and embarrass yourself , like this guy did.
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