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This is a trophy that I have decided to introduce to G2G Country. I have seen this used in other online games as a kind of competition to see who can hold the trophy for the longest number of days. It will be called the G2G Country Trophy for lack of a better name (seriously, if anyone can come up with a good name then post below in the comments).

Essentially how it will work is the team who won the first friendly will be the initial holders. Thanks to this article we know the winner and, roughly, the date of that first match (Thanks Javi!). From then on though, we only have access to league matches from the past seasons to work with. So we know the initial holders. Now the job is simple, every time the current holders lose, the victors take hold of the trophy.

Now for our commercial break, we'll be back with some data after this exclusive picture of an optimistic Dean Campbell before a Hardings-Woking match-up:

Thanks for rejoining us as we plough our way through the data to find the current holders of the G2G Country Trophy as well as the team that has held it for the longest amount of time
So here come the matches:

Season 0:

08/06/12 Footstar Belgium 1-3 Hardings RedGroves

Season 1:

18/07/12 Hardings RedGroves 0-1 GKO Team
02/09/12 Footstar International 3-2 GKO Team
14/10/12 Footstar International 0-2 Hardings RedGroves
21/10/12 Hardings RedGroves 0-3 Shanghai Shenhua Football Club Walkover

Season 2:

25/11/12 Shanghai Shenhua Football Club 0-4 Hardings RedGroves
19/12/12 Hardings RedGroves 0-1 GKO Team
27/02/13 GKO Team 1-2 Hardings RedGroves

Season 3:

(No change)

Season 4:

22/09/13 Hardings RedGroves 0-2 Woking Wolves FC
06/10/13 GKO Team 1-0 Woking Wolves FC
08/12/13 GKO Team 2-3 Hardings RedGroves

Season 5:

21/02/14 Hardings RedGroves 0-2 Woking Wolves FC

Days held for: (Clubs still active are bolded)

Hardings RedGroves 353
GKO Team 179
Woking Wolves FC 70
Footstar International 42
Shanghai Shenhua Football Club 35

I'll be honest, when I came up with doing this I had no idea which club would come out on top but it's not surprising to see the oldest club in the game there. GKO have always been strong but this season we have seen their power waning with the loss of many key players. Wolves, despite the league title are still relative newcomers, only really developing as title contenders in the last 2-3 seasons. They currently hold the trophy and I can see it will be a challenge for anyone to take it off them any time soon. GKO are rebuilding and could come back strong in a few seasons, or maybe Hardings will nab the trophy in their upcoming league match with Woking. Or perhaps, a new challenger may come to the table. Chicago Bulls are definitely a team that is going places. Maybe they can be the team to beat Woking.

Whatever happens, it will fascinating to see who can beat Woking and who falls at the wayside. The introduction of the new trophy will certainly increase the tensions in the next Hard-Working Derby and definitely increase the pressure on both sides to go out and perform.

Thanks for reading and Goodnight.
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