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My Name is Mi4h Rumzy,
Here is a little bit about myself in a stanza:
I like red
I feel happy
I wonder Why I am in this game
I cry for victory

This is my day view article for go2goal, I am a very standard storyteller. I would like to share my feelings, my character and overall my experience in go2goal.

I am a kind hearted person, most of the time and i was inspired to play this game by england, he is known as ajhar and his many other slots. Ajhar is a supporting character in this game and I hope most people will admire his work. It was he that helped me out in this game, that time there was a lot to know. The helpful forum topics got the hang out of me in this game.

My Club:
I joined Friendly Trees in 25/7/2013 at 00:52.
I was 18 years old, game age. It was the first time for everything. First Time I joined, first time to Play for a big club. The first season for me was season 3 and I started off that season with 9 appearances.
My position is an attacking midfielder and my preferred formation is 3-4-3. It suits my playing role.
This season was just My start But I was very proud to pick up two assists.

Season 3 overview:
This season season was just the start and I was very proud to pick up two assists.

Season 4 overview:
This season I managed to play a grand total of 49 matches. I was less aggressive but picked up 42 crucial tackles, had 11 assists and managed to score 2 goals. I made a name for myself in the team starting 11.

Season 5 overview:
This season is still ongoing But it would be best if i still share my stats with you. I said that i was a little aggressive last season but this season I was very aggressive. I done 72 fouls, And 63 tackles. Sorry if i fouled anyone. I again managed to pick up 11 assists and 4 goals. This season I have been very important to this teams chances and have played regularly for league matches. I feel that my Partnership with hussain ajhar has been very brutal and consistent. Ajhar has worked well scoring 6 goals. We both share 10 goals and 13 assists.

Summary/grand total:
This was all done in my head
Matches: 42+49+9=100
Fouls: 72+38+13=113
Yellow cards: 8+3+0=11
Red Cards: 0+0+0=0
Tackles: 63+42+4=109
Dribbling: 21+10+3=34
Dribbling success: 14+5+1=20
Passing: 1010+868+145=2023
Passing Success: 843+710+122=1675
Shots: 33+41+7=81
Shots on target: 9+9+2=20
Assists: 11+11+2=23
Goals: 4+2+0=6

What a Career?

So I've gone through my team. I would like to go through my future in this game. I want to do double of everything next season. I hope to inspiring an helpful character in this game. Friendly Trees Fc Is a club of all capabilities. I've had such a great time in the club thanks to activity and support. I am now experienced.

I will like to end this article on a high note and useful tip:
This has helped me achieve well my skills. That is based on Apartment and training. It is to train "a lot". This may not be everybody But For those that are willing to improve skills quickly and to become stars. I like to use a training staff that has high technical skills because technical skills are the most looked and important in this game. Training "a lot" means you get a "a lot" of fatigue. Once you've unlocked a larger line up of homes. It is crucial to get an apartment that reduces 8.1 or 8.4% fatigue. The rent is between €250.00-€300.00, you receive more popularity points this way.
Hope that was helpful, As I am.

Goodbye g2g country.
Added by: spian
Date: 2014-06-02
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