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First of all, happy birthday to!
So, it’s been 2 years since the international server on Go2Goal opened its doors to non-Polish users. Where has the time gone? There have been many ups and downs, many players have come and gone and many clubs have formed and been dissolved in that time. Here, I’m going to do a little review of those 2 years, akin to Javi’s 2 month review all that time ago. I’ll take a look at the first 5 seasons of our little server, as well as maybe getting a few quotes from influential players in the game.

“Well when i first joined the game Javi's articles flooded the Magazine section and activity was very high. I remember i joined Marconi Santiago at Club Atletico de Huracan and was his assistant there. There were good times then in G2G Country. Of course a lot of good active players were banned from the game, amongst them Carpenter Maxim who also helped me and other newcomers and since then the downfall of G2G Country started. I also had some good seasons at Wolves Academy and in League 2 ( when there was one ) at Ashton-on-Ribble which by the way was my best. After all this long period i hope i've made some friends here and we all enjoyed playing this game.”

George Mincu

Let’s get straight in there with the infamous “Season 0”.

On the 4th June 2012 the .net server was opened, there was a flurry of activity as clubs opened and scrambled to get players to join them. After the dust settled, Hardings RedGroves looked the best off with the most players and the most active team. It wasn’t long before other strong clubs began to form, mainly from other games, such as Footstar Belgium and GKO Team. In the weeks that followed there were friendlies played between these teams (as well as a few others) but not much could be learned from these as players were still weak and had much to learn about the game. Javier Alateo light the magazine alight with his articles and became our unofficial magazine writer for quite some time. Towards the end of this initial season, a small club called Woking Cardinals was set up to little fanfare, and no one really took much notice to be honest!

“Well,I do like this game and the fun it brought to us. However, according to the current situation, the player who join this game later can never really compare with the older player, that makes the new player lost faith and the old player lost their interest. The game would be better if this issue can be sort.”

Aniu Lau

Season 1

Lets just say that we weren’t short of walkovers this season! Most matchdays only 2 of a possible 8 matches took place. Of those that did take place, 2 clear front runners came through in GKO Team and Footstar International (changing their name as they gained more players from countries other than Belgium). Hardings, having shown early promise in the Season 0 friendlies, had failed to deliver in the league. They did still however, going into the final weeks of the season, have a say in where the title would end up. They hosted FS International in the 27th matchday, playing only for 3rd place. FS International only needed a draw to secure the title (due to inevitable walkovers in the next weeks) however, a man of the match performance and a goal either side of half time from Javier Alateo secured a seemingly unlikely 2-0 victory for Hardings. This left FS International and GKO level on points after 30 matches but due to GKO’s superior goal difference they secured the first title in our history.

“G2G has grown a lot since I first joined. I joined around October 2012 because Joel George suggested I joined. He talked me through the basics from when you set your player up which meant that I had little to work out for myself which was a good thing because I'm sure I'd have got bored otherwise. Joel got me into Hardings immediately and I've never looked back since. Unfortunately Joel left the game about a year ago but I still owe him for getting me into the game.

This game is definitely the best I have played for a football sim. I used to think footstar was better but as I grew more into this game, my opinion changed and I am thankful that I have stayed in this game as long as I have.

I'll admit, this game isn't perfect, far from it, especially with the commentary which makes no sense whatsoever. The game isn't the most easiest to understand either especially when you're new. However there is one thing this game does have that's great, and that's a fun and active community. For a game to be good, it has to have an active community and we have that.

Without this great community, I don't think any of us would be here. You need a community where you can happily talk to each other and enjoy yourselves. We have this here.

If we can keep this community then the game won't die for a while and that's guaranteed.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in for the last 18 months and I hope we stay around for a long time

Dean Campbell

Season 2

As the second full season began there was shock at the closing down of one of our best teams in FS International. Their players joining Hardings Redgroves due to the influence of captain Javier Alateo who soon stepped down to allow Franky Nesten to take the helm. The season started similarly to the first, with many walkovers but slowly more active clubs joined and the number of walkovers reduced. Hardings showed their flair and attacking prowess in the early games, though it didn’t go all their own way with a draw away to Woking and a 1-0 loss at home to GKO. These didn’t set Hardings back though as they continued to blow teams away with high scoring victories. The deciding game it seems came in the 25th matchday when Hardings went to GKO knowing that a loss would almost certainly lose them the title. Hardings got away early with goals from Dani Bonev and Javier Alateo before half time. GKO struck back in the 80th minute from Aniu Lau but it was too late and Hardings won 2-1. Despite a nervy 0-0 draw against Sportivo Barracas, Hardings held on to win their first title, scoring 15 goals more than anyone else. Woking Cardinals, under Maxim Carpenter’s leadership, steadily improved, coming in 3rd place. They were proving a stable force in this server, and their early season draw against Hardings showed what tricky opponents they could be.

“What can I say about Great idea, bad realization. Although the translation looks pretty good I think admin rest on his laurels. There are lack of active players, active moderators (beside Arsenal of course). I honestly do not think that admin will do sth in the direction of increasing the number of players after the season.”

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Season 3

Season 3 was a stable season despite quite a few walkovers. A few teams decided to set up academies as they felt their stature was growing and they could not give new players the game time that they needed. These teams started off in the newly created II League to accommodate the growth in teams that the game was seeing. Anyway, back to the first league! Three teams began to dominate the league in GKO, Hardings and Woking. They created quite a gap between themselves and the rest of the field. Woking proved tough opposition for Hardings, drawing in their first meeting whereas GKO won against Woking. As it turned out, this early season result, as well as the surprise sale of Hardings’ star player Javier Alateo to Woking, was decisive in the title. GKO and Hardings were even all the way, drawing both of their meetings. Neither team lost all season nor deserved to lose the title but in the end the class of GKO shone through as Hardings dropped points against Woking. GKO regained the title, winning by 4 points, but 2nd place for Hardings was far from secure as they were pushed all the way by Woking, only beating them on goal difference. Woking were quickly becoming a force in the game, their acquisition of Alateo showing the attraction for players to join them.
We also had the fabled Survivor competition during this season in which 10 G2G players competed in several tasks to be crowned “Survivor Champion”. In the final challenge just myself, Ajhar Hussain, and Guler Cafer remained. We had to scour the website for letters that Javi had left in random places and rearrange them to form the name of a famous G2G player. Despite having to search and message just using my phone, I managed to just pip Ajhar to win and gain 113 Plus Points!

“ has been a server I've always wanted to play. Most Players are friendly, the first day I've played this game activity Was There.
Alateo Javier was the person that helped me out in This game. This game has been underrated because of the number of errors there is, along with it being difficult to keep the game active. Overall; I am very happy to stay in this game for a very long time. Over the years I have learnt about fatigue management, a difficult job is captaincy and I have overcome a few difficulties.
This game has kept me active.
I like writing articles

Ajhar Hussain

Season 4

In Season 4 we saw many shocks and surprises. The league contracted and we were left with only 1 game each week in the league. We lost many players, most shockingly of all was the revelation that players had been multi accounting, Maxim Carpenter and the several GKO players that had helped to win their two titles. Despite Carpenter’s removal, Woking installed a young captain named Lorenzo Agyro. GKO suffered though; their squad thinned, they had to find new players and did so by attracting players from Empty, one of the oldest clubs in the game. This resulted ultimately in Empty’s demise and GKO were not quite as strong as the players were not of the same quality as the multi accounts. In the league, Woking’s new captain took advantage of this. With only 18 games in the season teams had to be very consistent to have any chance at winning the league. Unfortunately for them, Hardings weren’t, losing at home to Woking and drawing to GKO. Despite beating Woking, GKO gave away points to Wolves FC Academy and Partizan before losing to both Hardings and Wolves later on in the season. With GKO no longer as strong as they once were, it was left to Hardings and Wolves to fight it out. The title essentially came down to their meetup in the 14th matchday, whoever won would likely go on to take the title. The Kingfield Arena was a fortress for Woking and it was no different on this occasion, Marijan Sertinho with 2 goals before half time effectively giving Woking their first league title. They still had to close out the remaining matches but it was really a formality and what had started out as potentially a bad season for Woking had ended as their most successful ever.

“It has been 2 very exciting years for Woking Cardinals(then) and Woking Wolves(now).
We started as a "small" club which seemed to be bound to be third place for eternity,but i want to thank everyone who played such a big part in our clubs developement. All the active players!Maxim and Agyro,who sadly are no longer with us!
They helped our club evolve so much,they helped us develope so much. I recall creating this club, i think around that time to a new game that i did not know how long i could last in. And when maxim took over,and the amount of efford he put into the club he changed things.It was worth it logging on every day,to do afew activities and see how my player was developing!

After the big "wipeout" agyro took over and he helped me realise what i have to do to be a real captain,and one day step up for the club that i created.

Sure there was alot of stuff happening between those 2 big events.We changed the name,got a club crest,created our "academy team" the so called now Friendly Trees,eventho recently they seem to forget who gave them that initial boost!Eventho they "decided" to seperate themselves from us we still love them as much!
It has been exciting 2 years! Game kind of slowed down developing,but hopefully with the big changes coming up we can start working hard again!”

Dexter Devlin

Season 5

The current season. It seemed as though the era of the academy was over as the last remaining academy, Wolves FC Academy, reformed as Friendly Trees FC under the management of Ajhar Hussain. Again, the game was smaller than the previous season so the II League was abolished for a 10-team strong I League. As before, there were only 18 games in the season so we were in for a competitive season with several teams harbouring hopes of the title. Hardings and Woking both got off to flying starts with 4-0 and 5-0 wins respectively. It would clearly come down to the two Hard-Working Derbies to decide the title…
During the season we lost two clubs, United Tigers/Partizan and Club Atletico River Plate, leaving us with only 8 teams. Anyway, the show must go on!
The first meetup was on the 5th matchday at The Kingfield Arena, whoever won would have a clear psychological advantage going into the rest of the season. Javier Alateo showed the world why Woking had paid so much for him a couple of seasons before with two goals in the 21st and 28th minute. Hardings struck back on the stroke of half-time, Luke ONeill the supplier of the goal. It was in vain though as Marijan Sertinho secured the win for the hosts in the 68th minute as Woking ran out 3-1 winners. Hardings now had to look behind them at the chasing pack. Chicago Bulls were rapidly improving, Friendly Trees seemed to be playing very well, and as always, GKO were a tough proposition. Hardings managed to see these teams off before the next derby to keep Woking within their reach. Yet again another title had come down to a Hard-Working Derby…
It was the 14th matchday and Hardings knew that to have any chance of winning the title they would have to beat Woking. Woking came in as the form side, having not lost a game all season but the bookies and the fans made Hardings the favourites. Things did not start well for Hardings, conceding a goal in the 11th minute to Lionel Andres Messi goal. They managed to stay in the game though and had some good opportunities to score but Dexter Devlin played out of his skin to keep Hardings out. Things went from bad to worse in the 90th minute as Destro Agyro finished off Hardings to put the title beyond their reach.
Woking had their second title but 3rd place was still to play for for Chicago Bulls and Friendly Trees FC. It looked as though Friendly Trees had secured it but a remarkable draw for Chicago against Woking last Sunday has left everything in the balance with one game to play.

So, that’s just a small review of our time so far in G2G. It looks like next season will be a hive of activity as transfers between Polish and .net teams will soon be allowed. Has the balance of power in the league shifted with the loss of Lorenzo Agyro? Will Chicago Bulls challenge seriously for the title? Can Hardings regain the title they so desperately crave? Who knows? But these questions will be answered over the coming seasons and I hope to see you all in another 2 years. Let me leave you with the words of Javier Alateo but from me it's thank you, and goodnight.

"I initially came to this game while I was 'studying' for my Junior Certificate, the Irish equivalent of the GCSEs (don't worry kids, still did study and got good results too =P). I think I was the 9th or 10th player to sign for the first club, Hardings Redgroves. That entire summer was a great time, as we explored the game - being the very first people to play this international version.

I think back now about all the people I've worked with, talked to, interviewed and investigated, and while time may be tight for logging in nowadays, I always try to find time for this game because it has become a part of my routine and a part of my heart. The community mightn't be buzzing to the rafters all the time, but all of you guys are awesome.

Keep it up guys. Let's take it to another two years or more, yeah? "

Javier Alateo

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