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We present you the most important info about changes and news:

Individual training (from Thursday)
Every day (only once a day) anytime we can train in the city (gym, pool), in club buildings or in our own home for sports equipment. Every training adds 20% fatique.

In the city we train every attribute of group evenly. We must pay for it, every training takes 5 minutes.

In club buidings the training is similar to city training. A difference is we choose one attribute, which we train most effectively at the expense of other - depending on building level, which also affects the time we spend on training.

In our house we can train concrete attribute, if we buy an equipment in shop. Every epuipment raise other skill, and we can buy it only to bought accomodation. This kind of training is the most effective - it gives us small bonus to the skill.

If the level of fatique is over 100%, every per cent over it cause negative effect on exhaustion, health and condition.

Individual sponsor
When we sign conctract with sponsor, we must choose suitable condition (how many times we must take a part in ad), which we must do to get the wage. Every taking a part in ad takes 10 minutes and increase fatique by 20%.

We also set up new club buildings, sport equipment, footballer's manager and new tutorial.

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