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1. How to reduce the fatigue?
2. How and when can I practise?
3. How to move to another accomodation?
4. I can't set up technical/mental/set pieces training, because only physical training show up.
5. How can I watch the game?
6. Is it possible to get injured by training with low health?
7. What is my optimal weight?
8. How to create a club?
9. When my club will be added to league?
10. When my club will be deleted if I've decided to close it down?
11. How to delete my account?
12. How long do I have to wait after reset to create new player?
13. When does the new season start?
14. I'm a captain but I can't send a contract to new player!
15. How to break my contract?
16. My contract expires on 16th May, does it mean I'm unemployed on 16th?
17. How can I check my e-mail address?
18. How can I change my e-mail address?
19. How can I earn money?
20. How can I delete someone from my blacklist?
21. When casino will be open?
22. How much money and popularity can I get for an article?
23. How can I put an image with a proper size into an article?
24. How to create a slot player?
25. "Achievements". Why I haven't got achievement completed?
26. When my club will get money and medals for finishing the league?

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